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This survey is a limited-scope inspection service Bank Owned foreclosures are piling up in the greater Tampa Bay area, but what is their current condition?designed for the experienced buyer who is considering purchasing a bank-owned property in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Rule #1 - Have the home inspection done before you negotiate a price with the bank!

When dealing with bank-owned properties it is important to understand what it will cost to return the home to a livable condition prior to negotiating with the bank to prevent you from overpaying and buying a money pit.  Realize the longer a home remains vacant in the high humidity of Central Florida the more there is to go wrong. 

Square-One Inspection Service helps you to assess the value of a foreclosed home verses its current condition.  The following is a list of some of the benefits and reasons that a buyer might choose to contract a Foreclosure Walk-Through Survey instead of choosing a conventional full home inspection.

  • Economically Priced... Surveys start at $200, line up 4 in any one day and pay a flat rate of $600.
  • Focused on the five components of a house where major repairs normally occur... Roof, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC & Structure, including a scan for moisture intrusion.
  • On-site report delivery so that you can make quick decisions.
  • We supply National Pricing Service regionalized repair & replacement costs for major components. 

The Foreclosure Walk-Through Survey is limited to the following conditions.

  • Homes not greater than 3,000 square foot.
  • No old homes... Homes must be less than 20 years old.
  • Experienced buyers only... No first time buyers who need the protection of a full home inspection.
  • Slab-on-grade construction only... No homes built over a crawlspace.
  • Major system components only... No reporting on cosmetic or minor defects.

Cost to Add Ancillary Inspections for a complete picture.

With the inspection needs of the base building covered Square-One Inspection Service now provides you the tools to add other economically priced inspection components.  This benefit gives you the power to create a customized hybrid inspection tailored to the specific demands of the particular property in question.

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