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Square-One Inspection Service conducts historic home inspections in the Greater Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Square-One Inspection Service had the privilege of inspection the Himes House in 2006.  This historic Hyde park home is a three-story brick Greek Revival style home was built in 1911 for lawyer William F. Himes.Historic buildings are a prominent link to our past and one of the hottest trends in real estate today.  If you are in the market to buy a historic home, here are some things to consider. Older homes may not and are not expected to meet today’s standards. 

It is important for a buyer to realize what these differences may be in order to appreciate, understand and, if necessary, correct or update an older building.  Old doors may not have safety glass. Electrical systems may not have updated grounding or shock protection.  Frequently, owners and prospective owners do not have any idea of the extent of the potential structural problems or their costs. 

A Walk Through Time

You need to make sure you haven’t agreed to sink your life savings into a proverbial money pit.  Unlike newer buildings, additional knowledge is necessary to comprehend the original structure and offer insight into the changes that have occurred over time.  My goal is to help you visualize the idiosyncrasies of your older or historic building in the most efficient and effective way possible. You can count on me to listen to you, recognize your needs and focus my abilities to your best advantage.

Accompany me as we conduct your historic home inspection


"The historic house speaks volumes, visual clues will be detected during our inspection as we listen and learn together.  The sounds of the past will help guide us into the future. The smells of yesteryear will help bring our investigation to life.  Using our five senses –auditory, tactile, visual, olfactory and intuition - can help clarify and document historic problems.  As the inspection unfolds we will discover from rooftop to foundation untold treasures from the past."


Pricing for historic home inspections is by proposal only.

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