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Let the licensed Certified Master Inspectors at Square-One Inspection Service inspect your Tampa Bay pool & spa.Swimming Pools and Spas can be an extremely enjoyable addition to any Tampa Bay home, that can turn into an expensive nightmare should something go wrong. 

Why not have a
trained, state licensed, Certified Master Inspector inspect the swimming pool for the home you are purchasing? Just as a Square-One Inspection Service home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool or spa.

The intent of our extensive inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool and spa components to the Standards of Practice printed below.  Inspection pricing starts at $50 when conducted as part of a full home inspection. 

Standards of Practice for the Inspection
Florida Swimming Pools & Spas

Florida Association of Building Inspectors

Pools and spas (optional) The inspector and the client may agree to the inspection of optional items outside of the Standards of Practice for home inspections. When this agreement is made the following standards shall apply:

I.  The inspector shall:

  • Pools, spas, and normally necessary and present equipment such as: pumps, heaters, filters, lights, ladders, railings, and related mechanical and electrical connections
  • Enclosures, fencing, barriers, and related gates.
  • Decks, patios, and adjoining structures and drainage related to the inspected pool or spa.


  • Type of pool or spa examined (Concrete, Vinyl lined, Fiberglass, Above ground, etc).
  • Conditions limiting or otherwise inhibiting inspection, such as water clarity.
  • Condition of visible portions of systems, structures, or components.


  • Pool and spa finish condition, including pool shell cracks cracked, broken, or missing water line tiles
  • Defective or unsafe pumps, heaters, filter housings, and related mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Excessive settlement of the pool deck.
  • Inadequate drainage of the pool deck.

II.  The inspector is not required to:

  • Enter the pool or otherwise come into contact with pool or spa water to examine the system, structure or components.
  • Determine adequacy of pool or spa jet water force or bubble effect.
  • Determine structural integrity of the pool or determine or identify leakage of any kind.
  • Evaluate thermostat(s) or their calibration, heating elements, chemical dispensers, water chemistry or conditioning devices, chlorine generators, low voltage or computer controls, remote controls, timers, filter medium, sweeps or cleaners, pool or spa covers and related components.
  • Operate or evaluate filter backwash systems.
  • Turn on gas supplies or light pilot lights necessary for the operation of gas fired pool or spa heaters.
  • Examine accessories, such as, but not limited to: Solar heating systems, aerators or air motors / blowers, fiber optic lighting, diving or jump boards, skimmers, waterfalls, slides or steps.



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 Certified master Inspector Joseph Burkeson completed a course in inspecting Pools & Spas at ITA in Tampa Florida on may 18, 2003.

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